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For reptile shows,wildlife education and anything else with native animals, Snakebusters are rated "the best in Australia". In fact Snakebusters have the legally enforceable trademark to claim we're the best. This sort of trademark is rarely given to a company and only when they can prove emphatically that they are superior to everyone else in their kind of business. In other words, with Snakebusters you have the best reptile shows in Melbourne, guaranteed. The same applies for pretty much everything else that Snakebusters does in terms of reptiles and wildlife education. For those unfamiliar with Snakebusters, hands on reptiles education we describe what we do below under a series of headings.  Here's a brief rundown.

Corporate entertainment Melbourne

For the best corporate reptile shows and company entertainment activity, you can't go past Snakebusters.  While others that copy us will let you have a “meet and greet” at your event, Snakebusters lets the guests of honour hold the animals. Yes you get the best of all wildlife displays in Australia.  Whether for a new product launch, company team building event, team bonding, birthday party or pretty much anything else, when it comes to the ultimate corporate entertainers, nothing beats the best snakes and reptiles in Victoria and our Melbourne corporate reptile parties.

Corporate christmas entertainment

For the most amazing corporate christmas reptile parties, corporate events and business entertainment it's still Snakebusters.  Anything else in Victoria is is dull and boring by comparison. The bad news in terms of Snakebusters is that it seems that every man and his dog in Melbourne wants to book Snakebusters, for their company christmas parties so it's best to get in as fast as you can. Otherwise you'll probably miss out. "Deadly, but safe", that is the deal when you get the best Corporate Christmas party entertainmentin Melbourne.

Kinder incursions Melbourne

Kids are never too young to learn about reptiles and snake safety. At Snakebusters we also reckon that kids are never too young to learn what it feels like to touch and hold a reptile. Snakebusters are the only hands-on reptile shows in Melbourne and Victoria with snakes, lizards, crocs, turtles and frogs and more which allows the kids to hold the lot. We also bring the deadly snakes into child care centres, kinders, creches and the like for the ultimate snake safety lesson with the real things. All ours are guaranteed safe! All ours are vet certified, surgically devenomized snakes. Don't take risks with imitators who can't guarantee safety. Forget the boring hands-off incursions or entertainment that won't keep the kids entertained. Insist on Snakebusters for your the best child-care centre or Kinda visits or kinder incursions in Melbourne, Victoria.

Kids parties Melbourne

For the only reptile party that allows the children to hold reptiles and have a really wild time, it must be Snakebusters.  While cost usually means we don’t do kid's reptile parties and childrens birthdays outside Victoria, within Melbourne Snakebusters are always voted the tops in terms of what makes a good kids party.

Reptile shows Melbourne

Only Snakebusters and the snake man, Raymond Hoser have a risk free venomous reptile display.  No one else in Australia has vet certified, surgically devenomized (or venomoid) snakes.  This means the handler and you, the audience are totally safe. Even better yet the snakes never need to be forcibly restrained and attacked with metal sticks, tongs and other devices that may cause injury to the snakes.  The result is always the best reptile shows in Melbourne, Victoria.

Snake handling courses

Whether in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin NT, Perth WA, Irian Jaya, Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, we can come to you to give you Australia’s best snake handling course.  We do the only hands on reptile handling courses in Australia, where people get to hold and handle the snakes as opposed to watching a teacher doing it only.  Travelling to every state in Australia, including Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, the snake man Raymond Hoser does reptile handling, snake training, safety awareness and snake handling courses for groups and individuals.

School Shows Melbourne

For the ultimate educational school incursions and hands-on shows in Victoria, Snakebusters beats everyone else.  No other company allows the kids to hold the animals in a hands on reptile display.  The exhibition is second to none with all major groups of modern reptiles, such as crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians as in frogs as well as risk free deadly venomous snake shows.  Kids see the most dangerous reptiles but in total safety.  As already mentioned above, it's for that reason, Snakebusters got the legally enforceable trademark to say they give you the best school incursions Melbourne, Victoria.

The snake man

Australia's snakeman Raymond Hoser owns Snakebusters. Over more than 40 years he has travelled all over the place catching and doing leading scientific research on reptiles. His major papers are cited globally. By way of example, if you doa Google search for Broghammerus, the world's longest snake, you'll find thousands of webpages all citing Hoser and the scientific name he gave to the genus. No one else alive on planet earth can claim to have scientifically named the world's longest snake!  the snakeman's done research work in the Northern Territory, Gold Coast, Brisbane and western Queensland, Adelaide, South Australia, Perth, West Australia and overseas locations like the USA, Europe and Africa and looked at reptiles from pretty much every other part of the globe. Because of his unrivalled expertise in terms of snakes, reptiles and wildlife in general, he’s become known everywhere as the snakeman.