reptile incursionsEducating people about reptiles in Melbourne, with Snakebusters®.

Educating people about reptiles at schools, kinders, major events and corporate reptile shows is all part of the Snakebusters brief.

Reptiles and in particular snakes have been demonized for many years.  Whether it’s Steve Irwin ranting on about how dangerous all kinds of reptile are, or the movies “Snakes on a plane” and “Anaconda”, the public is continually led to believe that reptiles are one dimensional animals with no other aim in life but to kill people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most reptiles are quiet and innocuous animals.

They prefer to hide from people and in more than 40 years, the Snakeman Raymond Hoser has never seen a snake attack anyone!

In terms of snakes, all are very delicate and if it wasn’t for the fact that some are dangerously venomous, it’s doubtful many people would fear them at all.

Venomous snakes remain delicate and easily injured, yet because of the mistreatment of them on TV by men attacking them with metal tongs and the like, most people think of snakes as being tough and able to cop a lot of punishment.

Snakebusters keeps live snakes at a state-of-the-art facility and the delicate nature of the snakes is stressed at all times.

Cages are kept scrupulously clean and all animals are fumigated for all common diseases at all times.

As a rule, no metal sticks are used to handle the reptiles, including for the highly venomous snakes.

While snakes have been handled with metal sticks by others for decades, it is far from satisfactory from the snake’s point of view.  The hard and inert metal surface gives the snake discomfort and pressure usually causes pain.

Nothing beats a human hand as a handling tool.  Because serious bite risk has been removed from the Snakebusters snakes with them being surgically devnomized, the snakes welfare can take primary importance. 

Snakes are not attacked with sticks and as a result their attitude to the handler becomes one of mutual respect, rather than the fight for survival attitude seen in snakes subjected to the regular torment with sticks.

In public the snakes at Snakebusters reptile shows and incursions are de-demonized.  The same applies for the other reptiles.  Contrary to this educational message is that of other reptile exhibitors who continue to promote themselves by instilling an often overstated and at times irrational fear of reptiles.

A recent example being that of Melbourne Zoo veterinarian Helen McCracken publicly stating that a kid could die from a non-venomous snake due to infection risk.

Fact is that this has never happened.

McCracken’s statement was made as “expert witness” and accepted by a stupid Magistrate in recent legal proceedings.

The upshot is that more people will fear all reptiles and more will die as a result of having spades put through them by fearful people.

Snakebusters will continue to work for a more accurate educational message about reptiles at all their mobile reptile displays, school reptile incursions, birthday party events and corporate parties where reptiles are used.

Snakebusters are known as Australia’s best reptiles for several reasons and one of them is the superior and accurate educational message given at all our reptile shows in Melbourne, school incursions, displays and the like.

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